Daily Groundless NFL Rumor: Cowher To Dallas?

Here we go again. After losing star QB Tony Romo with a widdle bwoken pinky, Dallas has gone 1-2 and is in no position to contend for the division crown, not with the Giants looming large over the NFC. Still, even in the overloaded NFC East, Dallas is 5-3 and seemingly on pace to make the playoffs (though they’d hardly be the first 10-6 team to stay home).

Wade Phillips

Should Dallas miss the playoffs, however, there will be hell to pay, because there’s always hell to pay with Double J (do you see what I did there? I rhymed.). So for some reason, the Internet has begun to speculate on a successor for a coach with a winning record and a seemingly safe contract. And surprise, there’s no evidence presented to support it, either!

Let’s let PRO FOOTBALL TALK provide the magic:

[WASHINGTON TIMES reporter Mike] Elfin also reports that (Bill) Cowher, 51, reiterated he has no plans to return to coaching.  Of course, a truck full of money might make it the “right time” to reconsider.

And the man to watch in this regard is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

If the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs, or if they go one-and-out yet again, look for Jones to have the same kind of epiphany that prompted him to hand the keys to Bill Parcells nearly six years ago.

This argument is buttressed with nothing but balsa wood, unicorn blood, and guesses, of course, but idle speculation is its own reward. Still, it seems a bit premature to be floating things like this when, you know, you’re in the middle of a season and the team in question is 5-3, not 1-7. Wade Phillips is hardly a great coach, but in the NFL, coaching is overrated. Great seasons depend more on personnel and pure luck than on the guy calling the plays and telling his players to not get arrested.

And then there’s the matter of why Cowher would ever want to start coaching again. Yeah, he’s only 51, but he has clearly made enough money to live more than comfortably, plus that CBS money is pretty nice, especially when he only has to work about 20 hours a week (and a lot of that is travel). Why would he get back into the grind of coaching and sleeping at the office and putting up with Jerry Jones’ noise? Doesn’t make any sense.

And that’s probably why Coach Chin will be on Dallas’ sideline next year. Sigh.