Dad Takes Out Kid on Wrestling Mat

TAG-TEAM DAD COMES IN TOO LATE: It’s the video all the kids will be talking about for hours to come, long after the injuries are assessed and the laywers are asked to file an opening statement.

This is the report WMAQ-TV in Chicago filed about the dad who bounded in during his 11-year-old son’s wrestling match, tossed aside the opponent who was winning, and then stormed over toward the other kid’s dad videotaping it.

Ray Hoffman, the psycho dad in the video and a part-time wrestling coach, told the television station he regrets his behavior and feels embarrassed (he injured his son’s shoulder in the tirade).

“I mean, there is a lot of different ways to stop a match. Not to pick up my son and launch him 5 feet, 10 feet in the air,” Dan Nasenbeny said.

No, but that was the most entertaining way to end it.