Dad Rips Car From Kid Spotted Flipping Off Love

AND WHAMMY spots a letter to the editor in the latest SPORTS ILLUSTRATED that gave us pause today.

College Basketball Fan Flips Off Kevin Love

(credit: AND WHAMMY)

You may remember the piece by Grant Wahl in SI about the increasingly boorish behavior by students at college basketball games. Armando Navarro of Clackamas, Ore., the father a student pictured in the piece flipping of Kevin Love certainly does.

“I was shocked to see, in a photo of the Oregon student section, my son partaking in the harassment of UCLA’s Kevin Love. When he came home the following weekend, his car was taken away and he headed back to school on a bus. I am embarrassed and wish to apologize to Kevin and his family.”

So the *poor* kid had to go Greyhound back to Eugene from his home in surburban Portland?

Oregon Bus Trip

The route is 111 miles, so we hope he gave himself about six hours for the trip.

The only college basketball-related people who we could find enjoying their bus trips these days: The UNC hoops squad, who will spend the entire leadup to the Final Four in their home state.