D-Wade Shuts It Down For All The Wrong Reasons

Looks like the Miami Heat are taking after Bill Belichick when it comes to enduring a tough loss - they’re leaving early.

Dwyane Wade Pat Riley

Coach Pat Riley recently announced that he’ll leave the team to begin scouting talent for the NBA Draft. And today the Heat let it be known that Dwyane Wade is taking the final 21 games of the season off.

While most think that Wade’s decision is in the best interest of the Heat, we seriously doubt that his motivation is in the right place.

We’ve been in Miami for the past couple months and have heard whispers that if Wade were to shut it down, it would be about getting himself physical ready for the Olympics in August.

So why is Wade placing a fine performance in the Olympics over the team that pays his salary?

He wants to score the marketing and endorsment dollars that would be soon to follow. Oh yeah, and that Gold Medal thingie.