Soccer Coach Ditches Team To Be On “Survivor”

Does anyone out there watch Survivor? (I have a no-crappy-TV rule in my apartment.) Do you know Benjamin? He’s the one with the weird Hebrew tattoo. Is he as much of a douchebag on the show as he apparently is in real life?

Ben Wade

Ben Wade skipped out on his job as Southwest Baptist University women’s soccer head coach in mid-season to go film the show - without telling the school about it. When he got back, the school deservedly greeted him with a pink slip. Enjoy the schadenfreude, after the jump.

Southwest Baptist College is in Bolivar, Missouri, where “Coach Wade” had headed the team for four years. On his now-expunged profile, Wade gushes about the school: “I like small communities and it is obvious that the community respects and enjoys having SBU here. I think the facilities are unbelievable and the Meyer Wellness and Sports Center rivals anything that any NCAA Division II University has. I have been very impressed and have had a positive experience.”

Not positive enough to tell your bosses you’re ditching your team with two weeks left in the season to go play around in Brazil.

SBU athletic director Brent Good said the school bought out the remaining three months of Wade’s contract because Wade did not tell Good that he left the team at mid-season to be on television.

“He said he was going to be gone for a week,” Good said. “And the week went beyond that, which went beyond that, which went beyond that.”

But don’t worry! He’s moving to Hollywood to be an actor now! “I’m going to be the next big thing on the big screen,” Wade said.

For people like this, any personal or professional relationship is just a tool to use to find fame. You think he cared about his students or his school?

From the ‘Survivor’ website:

Wade sees coaching as another form of manipulation. “You have to find out what everybody wants, what everybody needs, what they think they want, what think they need and then you have to be the person that solves everything.” He knows these skills will be valuable in the game of SURVIVOR.

God, I hope he gets eaten by piranhas.