Czech Coach, 6 Players Sacked After Sex Scandal

The Czech Republic national soccer team is in trouble. Their World Cup qualifying hopes took a big hit last week with a 2-1 home loss to rival Slovakia. You would think that after such a demoralizing defeat, the Czech soccer governing body would take action - and they have, by firing head coach Petr Rada and booting six players from the squad.

Tomas Ujfalusi Czech prostitute

Seems like kind of a rash decision? Oh, did we also mention that the punted players were purportedly partying with some Prague prostitutes?

(Pics of the perverted passers after the jump.)

Rada was released on Wednesday along with Atletico Madrid defender Tomas Ujfalusi (pictured above left), Galatasaray striker Milan Baros, West Ham defender Radoslav Kovac, Frankfurt striker Martin Fenin, Reading midfielder Marek Matejovsky and Sochaux striker Vaclav Sverkos.

If the six players’ days of suiting up for their country’s team have been shot to hell, at least they enjoyed the ride. The PRAGUE POST reports that hours after the stunning Slovakia loss, at least five team members went to drown their sorrows at a downtown Prague bar. And the soccer studs were soon coupling up with some costly companions:

Subsequently, prostitutes began arriving, too. While some players left the restaurant with the girls and headed to their hotel, the others stayed in the restaurant until morning.

Is this true, or is it just some Slovak-planted slander? Lucky for us, the Czech tabloid BLESK passes along some supposed photographic proof.

This would apparently be Martin Fenin laying his lips on a lady of the night:

Czech soccer players prostitutes

Czech soccer players prostitutes

While this would be Milan Barros escorting his escort:

Czech soccer players prostitutes

 And this would be Marek Matejovsky hailing a taxi with his trollop:

Czech soccer players prostitutes

You’d think with so many European soccer players hooking up with hottie WAGs (i.e. Nives Celsius, Isabel Figueira, Giulia Siegel, Danielle Lloyd, Chantelle Houghton - the list goes on), the Czech players wouldn’t have to resort to this sort of thing. But hey, it’s their korunas.