Cutman “Stitch” Davis Tells His Bloodiest Tales

Cutmen are one of the unsung heroes of the ring. They’re the ones that stand in their corner and spend time between rounds preventing and treating the fighter’s bruised and bloodied face, preparing him for the continuing assault and allowing the fight go on. So you just know they have their share of grisly tales to tell. Lucky for us, ESPN THE MAGAZINE asked the one of the great cutmen in the UFC, Stitch Davis, for his five bloodiest stories in the ring. Davis did not disappoint.

Stitch Duran, Forrest Griffin

(Job well done, Stitch.)

Not to spoil anything, but the bloodiest match he worked on was Jay Hieron vs. Jonathan Roulet, when Hieron ended up severing an artery in between his eyes and started spouting blood. “Both fighters had blood from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet, front and back.” So yeah, you might want to read this thing before dinnertime.

But one of the biggest revelations in the piece is that Raul Marquez is a cheap ass.


3. Raul Marquez vs. Keith Mullings
When it comes to boxing, this is the bloodiest fight that I ever worked. Marquez ended up with five cuts and 75 stitches and he ended up retaining his world title. I kept him in the game with that. He was a mess. And you know the sucker never gave me a bonus! Ain’t that a bitch? Saved his ass and he’s a world champion and he never gave me a bonus. Story of my life.

Is there a dumber move than not giving your cutman a bonus? It’s almost like skipping the tip at your local restaurant, except instead of sprinkling your food with a little extra saliva they’re keeping you from losing blood. A snub like that would probably make its way around the cutman world, and maybe next time one of your fellow cutman won’t be so quick to stitch up that gash on his forehead.

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