Cutler Bears-Bound; UFC Prez F-Bombs Reporter

• Bear down, Chicago fans - Jay Cutler is coming to town! (Bye, Kyle.)

Jay Cutler looking back

There’s no looking back on not wanting to be traded, Jay.

• UFC president Dana White sure knows how to deal with the press.

• San Francisco’s daily newspaper makes big cuts in its sports staff.

Gary Carter just wants to be back in the Mets family again.

• This is some kind of Utah Jazz fan - if we only knew what kind.

• For some Wisconsin football players, who needs foods & housing when there’s mopeds to buy?

• With Calipari gone, Memphis turns to Bruce Pearl with a $21 million offer.

• Yankees star Derek Jeter, now in convenient Chevrolet form.

• From tee to cup, the 19th hole at a new South African golf course measures 1,410 feet - straight down!

• If you’re going to grow marijuana in your home, you might want to resist the urge of stabbing kids’ basketballs.