Cutesy Internal Wash. Post War Turns Mock-Ugly

The internecine battle between old and new media wages on even within unwieldy media conglomerates.

Such a set-to is currently going on at THE WASHINGTON POST, with Pardon the Interruption hosts and still occasional journalists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon trading barbs with and now threatening bodily harm upon The Post’s own sports blogger, Dan Steinberg.

Bloggers, even those not being paid by a metropolitan daily, are unsurprisingly rallying to the side of “Cheeseboy” with the best weapons they have: warmed-over satire and Photoshops.Will it be enough to save Steinberg from one of Wilbon’s patented South Side of Chicago knuckledusters? Get Mike liquored up on enough of his beloved Kir Royale and there’s no telling what he’s capable of.