Curt Schilling Wants You To Know: “Yanks Suck”

Good to see Curt Schilling is keeping busy. The Red Sox pitcher took time out from doing absolutely nothing to call Boston radio station WEEI and force his thoughts on the Tom Brady injury down our throats. And why shouldn’t he? He was last relevant in 2004, after all.

Curt Schilling

Apparently, there was much celebration across the five boroughs as Brady lay on the Gillette Stadium turf clutching his knee last Sunday. Which prompted Schilling into action.

On his radio appearance [Tuesday], the injured Red Sox pitcher blasted New York fans for their joy over Brady’s impending knee surgery.

“The euphoria in New York is palpable,” Schilling said. “The Yankees suck this year and they are bitter and mad and making excuses over that. Now they got Tom going down so New York’s excited. It’s unfortunate, but when you crawl to the top of the pile you will have people trying to knock you down.”

Oh, good Lord. I’m pretty sure the Yankees have less to do with this than the fact that the Patriots have been a bunch of monumentally smug a-holes during their decade-long reign of terror. Or that’s the perception from the outside looking in, anyway.

Throw in Spygate, a head coach who is the personification of evil, and a team that ran up the score ON EVERYBODY last season, and, well, you’ll get plenty of schadenfreude-tastic cheers when the Patriots’ season suddenly goes down the tubes.

This doesn’t condone the fan behavior, just explains it. Thankfully, New England (the region and the team) has Schilling to defend its honor. He’s their metaphorical chubby knight in shining armor. It’s all very charming, really.