Curt Schilling Set To Show Drivers Opposing Hitters Best Way Home This Summer

CURT SCHILLING READY TO SHOW OPPOSING BATTERS, DRIVERS BEST WAY TO REACH HOME THIS SUMMER: The TomTom portable navigation system will now include the voice of Curt Schilling, the company announced today.

Curt Schilling TomTom

Press release excerpt: “Curt Schilling will be telling drivers across America how to find their way home.

Based on the Red Sox’s unwillingness to offer Schilling a contract extension, it appears his own team thinks he’ll be probably be doing the same for opposing batters this summer.

Curt Schilling

If Schill’s shrill is a little too much for the Yankee fan in your life to stomach, the company offers other celebrity voices for navigation prompts (Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper and Mr.T.) and something called “NYC cab driver”.

Who knew TomTom had so many Bangladeshis buying their navigation systems?