Schilling Didn’t Get Good Until He Hit The Big 3-0

For Curt Schilling, it appears that life really did begin at 30:

Curt Schilling Barbara Bush

Tracy Ringolsby of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS notes how the Red Sox pitcher’s prowess improved after reaching his third decade of existence:

At 30, having played with a Philadelphia Phillies team that included Lenny Dykstra and Pete Incaviglia, who were listed in the Mitchell Report, Schilling had a career record of 52-52.

Since he turned 30, Schilling is 164-94. What’s more, he was 34 before he won 20 games for the first time and has done it three times in the past seven years.”

Not to mention those three World Series rings he’s since collected - one with the Diamondbacks in 2001, and two with the Sawx in 2004 & 2007. (If this pattern keeps up, Curt could command a hefty price for a 2010 roster spot.)

Better yet, Curt’s name didn’t come up in the Mitchell report, but he had a few words for those who did.


Roger Clemens can have his so-called “B-12″ shots. We know the real secret of Schilling’s success.