Curt Schilling Dumps Load Of Diarrhea On Main Media After Painted Sock Episode

SCHILLING DUMPS LOAD OF DIARRHEA ON ANCIENT MEDIA: Curt Schilling shot back with both barrels today in his blog about the krylon’d-sock episode started by Gary Thorne.

Gary Thorne Curt Schilling Bloody Sock Doug Mirabelli Paint mainpaged the piece with this priceless hed: Schilling Headline Gary Thorne

The best part of the post on Schilling’s blog doesn’t have to do with the episode itself, but instead his opinion of the fine gentlemen who cover sports and get paid for it:

Woody Paige Hat

Take Gary Thorne, John, Jack Joe or whatever his first name is, Heyman, Karen Vescey, Woody Paige, CHB, Jay Marriotti, Bill Plaschke, and a host of other people that litter the media landscape, and put them all on an island somewhere.

Jay Mariotti

Does anyone stop reading their newspapers? Watching the shows they appear on? The answer to that is no. … They have little to no talent at what they do and other than a mastery of the English language their skill sets are non-existent.

Curt Schilling

The piece is too long to link all the gems buried in there. So read on.