Schilling Calls Out Kobe; Laker Girl’s Celtic Past

Brooks is heading back to L.A., maybe snag some Game 5 seats (if necessary).

• Seems that Curt Schilling isn’t such a big fan of Kobe Bryant.

Curt Schilling Kobe Bryant

• A Laker Girl’s been caught playing for the other team - the Celtics.

Big Brown’s trainer chooses to crap all over his jockey.

• The Tampa Bay Rays have a lot of fight in them this year - even between themselves.

Oscar De La Hoya still has his panties in a bunch, once again claiming that his crossdressing phots are fakes.

• The Dolphins are treating their kicker like he’s Jason Taylor version 2.0.

• Just call Gilbert ArenasUnrestricted Free Agent Zero“.

• We feel better knowing why Mike Breen’s brow was bandaged.

Barack Obama’s campaign manager loves him some baseball.

• What’s more fascinating than the life of a Yankees clubhouse attendant?