Cubs Want Wrigley To Pay Up For Naming Rights

The Chicago Cubs want the Wrigley family to start paying for the naming rights to the Friendly Confines.

Wrigley Field sign

(A rare sighting - the Cubs winning)

Michael Sneed of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES chews on news that the NL club is looking for the gum giant to pony up for the name that’s been on 1060 W. Addison for over 80 years.

During last weekend’s Cubs Convention, team chairman Crane Kenney commented, “In my perfect world, the Wrigley Co. would step up and start paying for what they’ve been getting for free all these years.”

The naming-rights question comes up as the Tribune Company gets ready to sell off the team.

Technically, Wrigley Field was named after William Wrigley and not the gum company. But not that it matters to new owner Sam Zell, who’s looking to tap into any new revenue source he can. Kenney cites the Mets securing a $400 million deal with Citi, just so the bank can slather their name on the new New York park.

Brady Quinn Cubs fan

Some fans many find it blasphemous to even consider renaming Wrigley. But such a cash-strapped team like the Cubbies needs all the money they can get. Those 4th place finishes in the NL Central don’t come cheap, you know.