Cubs To Start A Brand Effen New Ad Campaign

The Chicago Cubs have lost their last four games, and since it’s September and they are the Chicago Cubs, panic is beginning to hit the streets of Chicago. There must be something the team can do to break this 100-year old curse….

Yep, the Chicago Cubs and the distributors of the Dutch made vodka Effen have teamed up to help relieve the pressure currently mounting on the team. A billboard just like the one you see above you will be placed across the street from Wrigley Field starting this Thursday.


Effen, the premium Dutch vodka distributed by Chicago-based Constellation Spirits, is among those brands racing to team up with the Cubs via a new billboard going up Thursday in front of Wrigley Field that directly addresses what has — in the opinion of many superstitious observers — been the team’s biggest obstacle to winning the World Series for a good chunk of the past 100 years. Yes, we’re talking about the infamous Billy Goat Curse. That word “curse” also conveniently dovetails with the recently introduced Effen ad campaign from Euro RSCG/Chicago based on the theme line “Effen is a five-letter word.” Yes “Effen” is just that. And so are “break” and “curse.” So naturally, Euro RSCG had the makings of a perfectly cheeky billboard execution to place outside Wrigley Field this month.

Unfortunately for the Cubs, they have no idea if this new marketing campaign will be able to help out with the tired arms of Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden.

This campaign also won’t be limited to the north side of Chicago, as plans are already in the works to place a similar billboard near U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox. The billboard there will read “South. Effen. Sider.”

Of course, even if the billboards aren’t able to help the Cubs hold off history, or the White Sox hold off the Minnesota Twins, at least there will be plenty of vodka available to Chicago fans to drown their sorrows in after both teams inevitably disappoint them.