Cubs Sweep; Cleanliness Is Next to World Series?

After the Cubs stomped the White Sox to the ground and took their wallets and loogied on their faces and gave them atomic wedgies Sunday for a decisive three-for-three on the weekend, old muscle triggers fired for our Cubs fan friends. Hints of gloating could be heard over the tinkling of martini glasses.

One friend couldn’t help but feel a little glee at the crotch-kicking of the crosstown rivals; another resisted taunting her Sox friends because of next weekend’s scheduled contests at New Comiskey. (We don’t cotton to this Cell nonsense. We think it has something to do with Joan Cusack.)

Chicago Cubs and World Series trophy

However, the fierceness of the rivalry seems on the wane for the moment for many Cubs fans. (Don’t be fooled, Eamonn; you’re witnessing a media circus without a tent pole.) A commenter on one of our other sites related this story, which we are compelled to relay verbatim (mostly because we can’t find the original quote):

“A reporter asked Aramis (Ramirez) this morning if he would rather sweep the White Sox or the Cards. After a moment of silence, he said, “You know the Cardinals are in our division, right?””

We did find this quote after Sunday’s contest, though, from Ramirez (four home runs in the series): “We’re winning all the games. That’s what makes it fun. Not because of the White Sox.”

Perhaps the Yankees and Red Sox can have epic battles with the World Series a mere afterthought and get away with it, but the whole matter seems a bit more tenuous for Cubs fans. We don’t have the margin of error to slug with interleague foes when there’s a division to win. No distractions. Eyes on the prize.

(Of course, the White Sox have a game and a half on the Twins this morning. Still, keep the powder dry for when the games matter more.)

We see Ozzie Guillen mocking Wrigley and Kenny Williams claiming civil war for pandering purposes, but we aren’t listening. Perhaps they’ve got free time to fuss over quaint border battles; the Cubs have a World to conquer.

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