Cubs Pitcher Ryan Dempster Gets His Plaxico On

It may be more along the lines of getting his Carlos Zambrano on. Regardless, Ryan Dempster is coming into spring training confident — so much so that he’s predicting that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series this year, for the first time since 1908.

Ryan Dempster

According to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE (complete with WGN video on the site), Dempster isn’t just giving us the boilerplate every player usually gives at the start of spring training.

“You believe it. You really do. Enough of all the … curse this, the curse that, the goat, the black cat, or the 100 years [without a championship]. … Whatever it is, we’re a better team than we were last year. And last year we made it to the playoffs, and it was a battle to make it, to have a rough April and be 10 [games] down and kind of grind our way to first place. I just feel like our chances are better.”

Last year, Zambrano predicted a championship and a Cy Young for himself; at least the Cubs made the playoffs. But you have to applaud the audacity (if there is any) in the Dumpster’s prediction: after a franchise has 100 years of futility, you’ve gotta psych yourself up somehow.

If everyone’s favorite sometime ninja turns out to be right, I’ll be the first one to help write him some ads for his new fortune-telling phone hotline.