Cubs-Loving Smurf Douses Reporter With Water

Somebody probably should’ve informed Mouthpiece Sports’ on-scene reporter Molly Dapier that Cubs fans, particularly those in blue body paint, are insane and possibly dangerous.

Wrigley Field welcome

On Wednesday, Dapier was interviewing people outside Wrigley Field when an enterprising, half-naked, blue Cubs fan got the idea to dump a Gatorade cooler full of water over her head. Video idiocy after the jump.

I’ll wait while you laugh hysterically. (Or, more likely, quietly wonder where it all went wrong with today’s youths.)

And this, people, is why God hates the Cubs.

DEADSPIN confirmed that this wasn’t staged, the Cub-lovin’ Smurf acted alone, and Dapier was legitimately unstoked about getting “Tim McCarver-ed.” On the bright side, Dapier can take solace in knowing that the first-place Cubs will never, ever win another World Series.

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