Cubs Fans Still Love Charlie Weis’ Diva Stylings

Charlie Weis has been a bastion of popularity for the past year or so, eating leading the Fighting Irish into a national shame spiral, and being unable to replicate the success of the New England Patriots at a college level. Shocking, I know.


Even more shocking? Weis is a horrible singer and no one at Wrigley Field really likes him. I mean, you didn’t expect him to have efficiently mastered using an open mouth for anything outside eating, did you? And surely you didn’t think going 3-9 last season (including a loss to Navy) would keep Weis from getting booed did you? To answer those inane questions, the WIZARD OF ODDS was kind enough to cook up some video footage of Weis shattering glass at Wrigley recently.

And, awkwardly, this might somehow qualify as NSFW. On a sound level of course. Chucky Three X (Yeah, I totally just created that awesome nickname) leaves his shirt on.

Honestly though, who greenlit that project? Because this wasn’t the first time that Weis has come into Wrigley to sing and gotten run out just as fast. Was it to make Jeff Samardzija feel more at home? Because if so, holding up heterosexual Subway ads seems like the best thing to do. Assuming you can’t pay LSU to come in and beat him up.