Cubs Fans Show Off Inaccurate Love Of Fukudome

What I meant to say was, “I need two tickets to Pittsburgh.” What I actually said was … oh, sorry. In a related story, Cubs fans are crazy about their man Kosuke Fukudome. They just don’t really know how to express it very well.

Kosuke Fukudome Cubs Ad Japanese Flag

While the imported outfielder appreciates all the well-wishes and signs, he does note that much of it is, well, gibberish. From the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES:

“‘It’s nice to see more and more people wearing the T-shirts and the headbands,’ he said Thursday. (Ed.: Well, except these shirts.) ‘But I do realize that many people are wearing the headbands upside down.’

He speaks through his translator, Ryuji Araki, making conversation difficult. But laughter translates in any language, and it was clear that Fukudome was amused by the upside-down headbands. The signs he has read also have amused him. For instance, one sign tried to say ”It’s going to happen” in both English and Japanese, but the Japanese translated to ”By coincidence.”

‘Basically, all of the signs have mistakes in the translations, so they don’t make much sense,’ Fukudome said.”

Cubs fans should cut a deal right now: they learn better Japanese while Fukudome learns “Maybe next year we’ll win the World Series” in English.