Cubs Fans Putting Together Bidding Group Online To Buy Team

CUBS FANS CULLING TOGETHER BIDDING GROUP FOR CLUB: Watch out Mark Cuban - there’s some competition for you in snatching up the Chicago Cubs:

Mark Cuban hot Cubs fan

WINDY CITY SPORTS BLOG calls in from the bullpen that a group of Cubs fans have created a web site in an effort to put together a bidding group for the team on sale

The site - - offers visitors the opportunity to grab a piece of the pie, with shares going for $200 each and a 100-share limit per person.

Cubs Fans Born

But lest you think this is some scam, contributors won’t actually have to pony up until the site’s goal of $600 million is reached - sort of a “pledge now, pay later” agreement.

Hey, if it can work for PBS, why not? But only if we get the free tote bag.