“L”-For-Loser Flag May Be Dropped At Wrigley?

The Chicago Cubs have a quaint tradition at Wrigley Field (no, not the urine smell and rats, Ozzie) to tell the neighborhood about the Cubs’ latest exploits. When the Cubs win, they fly a “W” flag over the Wrigley Field scoreboard.

Chicago Cubs W flag

When they lose, a well-worn “L” flag takes the same spot.

Chicago Cubs L flag

According to the DAILY HERALD, the Cubs organization has started up their occasional internal discussions where someone becomes deeply concerned that the “L” flag looks more like this:


Therefore, some people within the organization apparently want to ditch the “L” flag but keep the (highly popular merchandise item) “W” flag. Perhaps they’re worried that’s what has the potential buyers worried about the inflated Wrigley price.

Of course, it’s the best of both worlds to ditch the “L” flag. All the wins still count, but nothing will happen when the Cubs lose. Therefore, the losses won’t exist. The games were never played. No record can be found visually of the defeat.

Hell, pull ‘em right off the scoreboard, douse the official scorer’s book in kerosene and leave it 50 feet outside Murphy’s Bleachers (near the smokers). Never happened!

No, you can’t have your money back for your $8 beers. That did happen. You just watched ivy grow for three hours while drinking them, you garden enthusiast, you.