Cubbies Home Games On South Side Of Chicago?

When/if Wrigley Field undergoes a $250 million extreme makeover in the future, Chicago Cubs chairman Crane Kenney hinted at the idea of the team playing home games in U.S. Cellular field for an indefinite period of time.

Cubs could play home games in Wrigley Field

Kenney told a gaggle of Cubs beat reporters — one of them employed with the CHICAGO TRIBUNE — that if Wrigley is sold and renovated, they would likely temporarily relocate to the White Sox’s U.S. Cellular Field for a few months, or maybe the entire season.

“Maybe we don’t need to be out for a whole season,” he said. “Maybe construction would start [the] last day of the season, it would go through the off-season and maybe call it until June to get some major work done. Maybe you could phase it in over time.”

This just can’t be a great series of announcements for Cubs fans. First, owner Sam Zell says he’s open to selling the naming rights to Wrigley. Now this. And in between those two stories, the Cubs are reeling from the most eclectic smattering of injuries since Mr. Burns’ softball team.

But it could be worse. Were this any other city besides Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, the historic ballpark probably couldn’t undergo such an overhaul, causing a major league team to be displaced for any amount of time, and the ballpark would probably get smashed by the Wrecking Ball Of Baseball’s Innocence. At least if/when there’s renovations to the ballpark, Cubs fans will still be able to call Wrigley Diet Pepsi Max Field their home.