Cubs Catcher Called Up After Cutting Off Fingers

Carlos Zambrano missed his scheduled start on Sunday with what the Cubs are calling “a tired arm.” While I’m sure that Zambrano’s arm might be plenty sore, I think it’s fair to point out that in comparison to his teammate Koyie Hill, he seems like a huge wimp. As the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports, Hill was called up to the big league roster on Monday, less than a year after almost losing three fingers and his thumb on his right hand in a wood saw accident.

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I believe we can all agree that Joel Zumaya and his “Guitar Hero” injury looks more and more like a giant sissy everyday after hearing stories like this.

It took months of rehabilitation and playing through pain for Hill to re-learn how to play baseball. He told the ASSOCIATED PRESS that he considered having his pinky finger amputated so he could get a better grip on the baseball when he made a throw. He also might decide to have his ring finger taken off after he retires if it continues to hurt as much as it does now.

Hill is the ultimate comeback to anyone who ever uses Ronnie Lott having the tip of his broken finger cut off so he could keep playing as the prime example of tough athletes. A lot of today’s prima donna superstars could learn a lesson from Hill, who clearly is willing to fight through enormous physical hurdles in order to do what he loves.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cold, so I need to call my office and tell them I won’t be in the rest of the week, as well as helping my wife with my funeral arrangements. Oh the horror!