Cubans Latest Financial Venture Torn Down In Fortune Profile

MARK IT DOWN CUBAN - BEING AN A**HOLE DOESN’T PAY: Sweet Feathery Jesus, we are truly sick of Mark Cuban. But apparently we are in the minority, as FORTUNE recently gave us another profile of the billionaire.

Mark Cuban

In the piece, Cuban touts his HDNet cable venture to Fortune’s Devin Leonrd, claiming it could be more lucrative than Yahoo’s colossal blunder the sale of But the Leonard deftly points out that cable networks like Comcast and Cablevision refuse to pick up Cuban’s channel. And not coincidentally, both of those cable services are owned by NBA interests.

Leonard: “Apparently their controlling shareholders - Comcast’s Roberts family and the Dolans of Cablevision - had already had their fill of the Mavericks’ owner in the NBA.

HDNet’s programming also “isn’t that compelling,” and Cuban wants “way too much money for his network.” Comcast, Cox and Time Warner also recently launched “Mojo”, a “competing HD channel known in the industry as ‘the Cuban killer.’

Leonard: “(Cuban) doesn’t seem poised for another big score anytime soon. The truth is, Cuban’s pursuit of his next big thing has been as awkward at times as his rumba.

Speaking of that, Cuban was dead last in the scoring last night in “Dancing With The Stars”.

Cuban’s dance partner, Kym Johnson on ABC last night: “He’s a super intelligent man and he writes everything down. That’s the way his mind works. … With dancing, you need to feel everything and he has to let himself go.

And White Sox and Chicago Bulls Owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who will help oversee the sale of the Cuban-coveted Chicago Cubs, tells the CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “I never said I was against Cuban. … I mentioned that when the basketball owners voted on Cuban it turned out to be 29-1. I never said I was the one who voted against him. And I never said I wasn’t.

Safe to say we’ll be avoiding Cubes at the tables on our next jaunt to Reno.