Cuban Slams Kenyon to Mom on Mother’s Day Eve

Tales of Mark Cuban’s temper tantrum after the brutal beat the officiating gods gave his Mavericks in Dallas Saturday night continue to grow. It’s not enough that he stomped around the court and shouted at the referees or that he reached out to shove a cameraman that irritated him with all his conversion of oxygen to carbon dioxide.

Mark Cuban Kenyon Martin

Cuban also felt it necessary to approach Lydia Moore, Kenyon Martin’s mama, and inform her that her son is a “thug” and (if Martin’s nearby agent is correct) also a “punk”. Let’s just hope Kenyon’s sister Tamara Martin-Harris hasn’t heard about this yet; she’s protective enough of her baby brother to put Cuban in a deep hole.

Cuban acknowledged the former in an email to the DENVER POST Sunday. He suggests she was the one trash-talking him at another game. Assuming the son learned it from the single mother, one might understand the origins of Cuban’s snottery. On the other hand, maybe there just wasn’t a little kid nearby to jostle.

Martin’s family may not be one to tangle with.  Not only did his sister practically raise him as an equal with her mother, but Mama was an assembly line worker and a security guard. It’s probably not wise to mess with the mother of a man who has his mother’s name tattooed on his right arm (see above).