Cuban: Players Used To Smoke Weed At Halftime

Leave it to Mark Cuban to slyly drop a bomb deep down in an interview about the changing role of media in the NBA. In an interview with Jonah Ballow, the Timberwolves writer for, Cuban defended players’ freedom to send out tweets on Twitter during halftime because, “… Before I took over for the Mavs back in the day they used to drink and smoke in the locker room, so I can think of worse things.”

mark cuban laughing

(He’ll tell you the joke on Twitter later … after he finishes smoking a joint)

That’s right, evidently before Cuban owned the Mavs, players used to sit around puffing ganja in the locker room at halftime, while sipping a 40. Or so he says. Making matters more amazing is that Ballow, somehow, doesn’t follow up with another question about drinking or smoking weed. How, in God’s name, does he not follow up when the most outspoken owner in professional sports says his team used to drink and smoke weed before he got there? How can that man be a reporter?

For context, here’s the entire Twitter portion of Ballow’s interview:

Jonah: You are on Twitter right now, what do you think about that social networking device? It’s an interesting way to reach a broadband of fans and they can personally feel in touch with you.

Mark: Everybody has the one friend that doesn’t shut up and Twitter turns you into the Seinfeld, “Close Talker.” Twitter is going to be a challenge because the interesting thing about Twitter is the when you find somebody you like to follow, it’s interesting. When you are not sure, it’s really hard to follow a lot of people and keep up and it’s hard to find the right balance. Originally, I had my Twitter updates going into my Facebook but Facebook is different, people don’t want a thousand of updates because it clutters your profile page. Twitter becomes more broadcast and you become a broadcast audience. Twitter is more like traditional TV; where you almost have newscasts right on Twitter because you have a broadcast audience, almost like a cable news network.

Jonah: Should players be allowed to Twitter? Even during games?

Mark: Sure of course. During games, it depends on the coach. Different coaches have different routines during the fifteen minutes or whatever you have. Different players have different routines. If a part of a routine for a player is to change their uniform and just chill, catch their breath and there is nothing going on with the coaches…then fine, who cares.

Jonah: Charlie Villanueva made a great point; a Twitter update is about the same as a halftime interview.

Mark: He is right. Before I took over for the Mavs back in the day they used to drink and smoke in the locker room, so I can think of worse things.

Pretty crazy, huh? And this from an owner who has a star who, how shall we say, has prior issues with marijuana? How are we so sure that Josh Howard isn’t rolling one up at halftime now? After all, he’s not on Twitter.

And are we sure that Cuban is getting back to his pot smoking roots these days? Remember, he knows how to puff-puff-pass.