Cuban On NFL: ‘Everyday It’s Somebody Different’

Mark Cuban was asked on Dan Patrick’s Direct TV show today by the host, “Better (off-field/court) image right now, the NFL or the NBA?

Josh Howard Mark Cuban

Cuban said, “The NBA, no question. It’s non-stop with the NFL. I feel sorry for Roger Goodell. Every day it’s somebody different…” (audio)

Thankfully, Patrick interrupted Cuban’s remark at that point to provide the necessary context:

Patrick: “Just the number of players too, with the NFL…

Cuban: “It’s a numbers game, that’s certainly part of it. But the NFL has more, if you’re accounting for it all, whether it’s in absolute numbers or percentage numbers, the NFL probably has more problems.

The key word there is “probably.” If you look at the percentage of players with legal problems from the two leagues, along with a similar per capita comparison of overall player mischief, I’m not so sure Cuban’s claim would be true.

What we’re all more likely to agree on is that too many players from both leagues fail to observe basic societal rules. With those issues continuing to crop up, neither league has put sufficient deterrents in place to slow the unacceptable trend.

In other words, any criticism coming from NBA interests about the NFL on player conduct can’t be made without a disclaimer or six.

If I was Patrick, my next question to Cuban would’ve been: “Okay Mark, if what you’re saying is correct, why is the NFL so much more popular overall than your league?

Cuban’s likely response: “Because the other NBA owners and David Stern don’t listen to me.

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