CSTV Host Dan Amsinger Slams ESPN In Saint Louis Post Dispatch Article

THE NATIONALS? YOU MIGHT WANT TO PICK A DIFF. TEAM: Dan Caesar of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH has this recent quote from CSTV lead host Dan Amsinger: “I never wanted to work for ESPN, it’s like signing with the Yankees. I was hoping to God that we would not be sold to ESPN. When I found out they started ESPNU to basically get rid of CSTV, I jumped for joy.

CSTV football field screw

I want to win a World Series with the Washington Nationals, I don’t want to ever play for the New York Yankees. I never, ever want to play for ESPN. They act like they’ve created how sports television is done. I want to do something fresh and different, and I feel like we’re doing that.

Amsinger is a young guy, so apparently he hasn’t yet been gifted the Gary Bender memorial ass-kiss playbook penned by interchangeable TV sports personalities. Publicly monkeying with the sports media’s 800-pound Orangutan isn’t such a great idea when you work for an inconsquential network and collect $25,000 cash per annum.