Cringe Cities: Plan For 50 Mauer Statues Panned

Paul Walsh of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that 15 statues of Joe Mauerwill soon be scattered around downtown Minneapolis as part of a fundraising effort for the Minnesota Twins Community Fund and to celebrate the team’s 50 seasons.

Joe Mauer Statue

(Finally a handy use for newsprint!)

The first statue will be unveiled on Friday, outside a Target store. (Naturally.)

The Mauer statues will stay downtown all baseball season, then the sponsors are free to move them inside or donate them, said Twins spokesman Kevin Smith. The cost for each statue is about $13,000, Smith said.

If you think 15 statues of Joe Mauer in downtown Minneapolis isn’t enough, you’re in luck.

While there potentially will be 50 statues placed, Smith said, they will only be made as sponsoring agreements are reached.

50 statues of Joe Mauer in downtown Minneapolis?

Let’s see what some of the commenters to Walsh’s story in Minneapolis have to say about that:

Joe Mauer Statue Story Commenters

If the Twins or the club’s sponsors didn’t have the money to cast statues of other former Twins players, they should’ve only produced one Mauer statue. 15 at the very most.

But 50? Poor Mauer.