Cricket Player Goes Fishing, Gets Cut From Team

Well, that’s certainly one way to put your career in jeopardy. Instead of going to an important team meeting, Australian cricket player Andrew Symonds decided to brush it off, go fishing instead, and was promptly thrown off the team.

Gone fishin'

The famous all-rounder has a history of getting into trouble with team officials, including almost being sent home back in 2005 after showing up for a match awesomely “still under the influence of alcohol.” But it looks like this latest old-man-small-town-store-owner-style way of ditching work might be the breaking point.

THE SHANGHAI DAILY has the details:

Senior players and team management voted to send Symonds home before Australia’s opening one-day international against Bangladesh in Darwin on the weekend because of concerns about his commitment to the team.

Symonds’ manager said the Queenslander was so disillusioned by his dumping from the team that he was pondering his future and considering skipping this year’s tour of India.

“Andrew’s going to take some time to reflect on what’s happened,” his manager Matt Fearon told reporters yesterday.

“He’s still committed to playing at the highest level. How he goes about doing that and how it plays out I don’t know. Whether it means India I don’t know.”

Australia coach Tim Neilsen said he was already resigned to losing Symonds for the India series.

This coach vs. star battle sounds all very NFL wide receiver-esque. And, like usual, the coaches will probably have to relent and give in to the star simply because of his high talent level. Just looking at the below intimidating mug, it’ll be tough to replace let this guy go for good.

Andrew Symonds

Symonds probably didn’t even use a pole while fishing. He just scared them to death by staring at them. Like Chuck Norris.