Ali’s Chest, Pit Hairs Can Be Yours For $7 Million!

Well, this is certainly creepy. A pair of artists from Ashland, Oregon have had enough time on their hands - the Pacific Northwest is the American serial killer capital for a reason - to create the following eerie sculpture of Muhammed Ali, frozen in time in his “victory pose”. Lucky for us all, they put the final product on eBay.

Muhammed Ali Sculpture

But if you’re a big Ali fan or know something who is (Christmas is coming up!) you might want to think twice about making the purchase: It’s going to cost you a cool $7 million. That said, there are a few reasons to make the buy. First, the artists have apparently destroyed the original mold, making this finished product even more of a collector’s item. Secondly, and this is the biggie, the sculpture contains actual armpit hair from Cassius Clay himself!

Totally worth it.

From the EBAY description [via STEADY BURN]:

“Ali’s life-casting impression has three chest hairs and about thirty armpit hairs (DNA) that can be tickled. They were transferred from Ali’s body into the original life-mold and then into the permanent casting which even has fingerprint detail.”

Like we said, creepy. Also, let it be known that these weren’t hairs that were somehow stolen from Ali on the sly. The man himself has authorized the sculpture’s production, as evidenced by the below photo:

Muhammed Ali posing

No word yet on if the sculpture includes Ali’s actual body odor.

Our advice to those Ali fanatics who can’t afford the purchase? Contact the folks at Real Doll and try to get them to create a replica for you. It’ll cost a fraction of the price and you’ll actually be able to, um, use it. Win-win!