Ole Miss Hones In On Credit Card Grave Robber

Do you know how hard it is to get kicked out of a Florida university for disciplinary issues? Jamar Hornsby managed the trick nicely by swiping a dead woman’s credit card when he helped the woman’s boyfriend clear out her apartment the day after her death. But this is big-time college football, where there’s always a place for you if you can play.

Jamar Hornsby

Hornsby is interested in transferring to Mississippi, where he “can come in and play right away.”  It’s a step up from East Central Community College, where he’s been playing this season. Just remember, Jamar, when you’re signing those receipts, “Nutt” has two Ts.

Horsby is also looking into Alabama, but a campus visit to Oxford has him leaning toward the Rebels:

“I just want the chance to play and where it feels at home. I had that homey feeling at Ole Miss, and I know I will have a chance to get on the field. I left with a good feeling about Ole Miss.”

Maybe that good feeling has something to do with Mississippi’s disciplinary procedures; rumors flew last month that coach Houston Nutt had his team vote a player off, Survivor-style.