Craig Sager’s Son Is Starting To Scare Us A Bit

It’s postseason baseball on TBS these days, which means we get to enjoy yet another season of Craig Sager wandering around on our television in his eye-scalding multi-colored horrorcoats, asking athletes and coaches tough questions like “How’s that going out there?” or “Is this game important to you?” But there’s something you probably didn’t know about him: he has a son - also named Craig - on the Georgia football team. As in the SEC. And Spawn of Sager is a little unsettling.

Craig Sager Junior Hulked Out

You’re probably wondering why you hadn’t heard of a Craig Sager on such a high-profile program like the Georgia Bulldogs. The SEC was made for celebrities, after all! Turns out, he’s a walk-on and on Georgia’s scout team. He, um… he may not have been very highly recruited, as it turns out.

We noticed on Sager’s player profile page that while it lists a high school and a coach, it doesn’t list any stats. Usually, when players join a D-I team, even as walk-ons, their profiles are full of the best stats the information department can find, even if it’s “260 rushing yards as senior fullback - 4 touchdowns!!!” or “Did not play - injury!” or whatever. But nope. Nothing here.

We did some digging, then, and we finally found some high school football stats (pops to .PDF file). How did Sager Bomb light up the gridiron for the Walton Raiders as a senior? Well…

6 catches, 53 yards, 0 TDs.

In Sager’s defense, though, that’s before he went Incredible Hulk on the world. After all, putting a wideout with those stats on a major college’s scout team while he just so happens to have a famous dad might raise some eyebrows if he were still the 6′2″, 170 rail he was in high school.

However, as the above pictures (from Sager’s MYSPACE.COM profile) indicate, he’s certainly taking conditioning seriously. Very seriously. Uncomfortably seriously.

Craig Sager Junior OMG Shirtless
(This isn’t how we want to know a Sager! We want them to wear funny coats! NOT LIKE THIS, CRAIG!)

So, yeah. That’s happening. Craig Sager made a bodybuilder son named Craig Sager. And the world just got weirder.