Blog Jam: Craig Sager Talks Travels w/Ted Turner

• MOUTHPIECE SPORTS sits down with Craig Sager, and the fashionable sideline reporter shares a fun story about Ted Turner changing planes ’cause he was Fonda Jane.

Craig Sager and the ladies of SbB

• RANDBALL hears the editor-in-chief of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES’ saying that Jay Mariotti will be missed - but “not personally, of course“.

• BUGS & CRANKS learns that Kenny Rogers is no fan of instant replay in baseball, and the perturbed pitcher blames A-Rod for it’s introduction.

• THE SLANCH REPORT wishes PEOPLE magazine would have chosen a better photo to announce Misty May-Treanor’s appearance on this season’s “Dancing With The Stars“.

• SPORTAPHILE isn’t sure if Chad Johnson’s & Shawne Merriman’s willingness to play with injuries is being courageous or stupid.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING has a warning for Leno & Letterman - ESPN is looking to lock & load for the Late Night Wars.

• WITH LEATHER discovers another incident of Rape on the Duke campus - this time, it’s prized soccer recruit Ashley Rape.

• THE LADIES… are going through Olympic withdrawal. Maybe they should hold an intervention with Yao Ming.

• But UNCOACHED offers up something to help banish those Beijing blues - the world swamp soccer championships.