Craig Sager Owes His TV Career To Metallurgy

Normally, there’s nothing more tired than talking about Craig Sager’s wardrobe. But for Sager’s recent guest appearance on Fox Sports Radio’s Petros and Money Show, an exception is in order.

Craig Sager

(Pawn Star)

It was during that appearance that Sager finally revealed the secret that has kept him the most relevant sports broadcaster on television for the last 30 years. (I grew up watching the dude do local TV sports in Kansas City. Don’t ever step to me about my Sager.)

During the radio interview, Sager described the ingenuity behind the tie that he wore as he covered the Cavs-Heat game in Cleveland last week:

“I wanted a tie, so I went to Mr. Albert’s, one of these stores in Cleveland … and I bought this tie and I thought, ‘I need to spice this baby up’

“So I went to some other store, some pawn shop, bought some old cufflinks that had owl eyes in them and then I went over and had the back of the cufflinks sawed off and I went back to Mr. Albert’s and said, ‘can you make me a tie?’

“So they made me that tie I had on last night with all those sparkles and the owl’s eye.

“I don’t know if it looked good on TV or not.”

After all these years, Sager has to ask?