Craig Sager Loves Blonds, Lithuanian Dance Team

TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager is probably best known for his intriguing fashion choices, but he’s also quite the lover of ladies. I mean, more than you might expect from someone who seems to draw inspiration from Liberace.

Craig Sager and the ladies of SbB

Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST’s SPORTS BOG caught up with Sager in Beijing where he’s working for NBC covering Olympic hoops. Naturally, the conversation turned to the off-court goings-on, particularly the, um, talent:

Dan Steinberg: I guess I’m just curious, did you get a chance to look at the dance teams?

Craig Sager: Oh sure.

DS: What’d you think? I mean, is it like NBA quality?

CS: Well, have you seen the Red Foxes? Wait to see them. It’s the Lithuanian dance team. The blonds?

DS: Um, maybe….

CS: I don’t think you’ve seen them. You’ll notice them. They’re hot. No, they’re really, REALLY hot. They were very popular in Athens. You know, we’re here long days. We got here today at 2, and we’ll do a game about a 10:15 start. It’s real long day. So our camera guys will focus on the Red Foxes. They even came out and watched them practice before the competition.

Especially, you know me, I have a blond fetish, and you don’t find many blonds out here. And so when I found out that the Red Foxes were here, I was very, very pleased. Their dance team, the Chinese dance team, doesn’t look to me like they’ve been together long or they’ve been trained by a U.S. NBA dance team. And I would know, too, because I married one. I married a Luvabull from the Chicago Bulls.

For the record, the New England Patriots are responsible for the Chinese dancers, so Sager should blame Bill Belichick.

Anyway, to summarize: Sager thinks the Lithuanian dance team is smokin’ hot, he has a blond fetish, and he somehow convinced a Luvabull to marry him. Oh, and she’s 21 years his junior. He must’ve been a remarkably good person in a previous life.

In less sexy Olympic news, Sager also shared his thoughts on the dunking mascots (he was Willie the Wildcat at Northwestern!), and admitted that he has a matching thong to go along with his belt. Splendid.

In a revelation that’s sure to surprise no one, Sager also loves Hooters. A lot.

…Everybody knows that [I have a blond fetish]. EVERYBODY knows that. Bud Light and blonds. So there’s a Hooters here, I went to Hooters the other day in Beijing. I’ve been to probably 250 Hooters across the country and world. It’s the only Hooters I’ve ever been to that didn’t have any Bud Light or blonds. I was very disappointed.

Very disappointing, indeed.