Craig James Confirms Interest In TX Senate Seat

WFAA-TV in Dallas, the station that first released the cellphone video from Adam James, has on the record confirmation today from Craig James that he’s interested in running for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Senate seat.

Craig James

(Could James’ role in Leach’s dismissal affect his political career?)


“I’m a Texan. I’m concerned for our country. I disagree with the approach that we’re having, things that are taking place, and so whatever door opens up, I’ll look at it, if and when it opens up. I think Americans today, if you placed us back in 1765, it would be the same scenario. We’ve got the American revolution taking place again.”

Hutchison is running for Governor and will have to vacate the Senate seat if she’s victorious.


News 8 talked to James who confirmed he is interested in getting involved in Republican Party politics, and he’s not ruling out a run for office. James said in addition to his role as a college football analyst, he’s also been in business as a real estate broker and investor. He calls himself a conservative and very concerned about government intervention in business and health care.

James has been making the rounds meeting prominent Texas Republicans and donors raising his political profile, and he said he would not rule out running for the Hutchison seat.

In other words, James is going public to see if he can raise the funds to make a run at the seat. In the wake of James effectively pushing the winningest football coach at Texas Tech out the door under dubious circumstances, it appears his timing couldn’t have been worse.