‘Cracking The Code’ Behind Beach Volleyball Butts

You might not be aware, but the Olympics are almost here. And as official broadcaster of the Summer Games, NBC is dedicated to bringing viewers as much Olympic coverage as they can handle. As such, NBCOLYMPICS.COM offers an alluring image gallery of beach volleyball babes in action, featuring fab photos like this one:

Beach volleyball butt

And the headline NBC used for their photo essay? “Cracking The Code“.

We get behind more volleyball rumps after the jump.

Beach volleyball butts

Oh, apparently there’s also some text accompanying the photos, something we didn’t notice until our 20th gallery viewing:

Hand signals are frequently used by beach volleyball players to communicate to their partners. The signals — one or two fingers down, closed fist, etc. — generally let their partner know who should attempt a block at the net on their opponents’ return.

Beach volleyball butts

The hand signals are also valuable in determining the players’ current status. If a scratching motion is made on either cheek of the backside, that means the player’s butt itches. If a players makes a back & forth waving motion right behind their behind, it means to steer clear, as the player has just farted.

Guess we better stop now before we make an ass out of ourselves.

Beach volleyball butts

Too late.