Cowher Responds To Penn St. “Internet” Rumors

Yesterday Michael David Smith of COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK speculated that Bill Cowher might be considering a move.

Bill Cowher throw

Not because his current Raleigh home was up for sale. Try as the new Penn State football coach.

MDS: “The Penn State football web site reported Monday that Cowher was on the campus at Penn State on February 24 and 25, and that he stayed overnight at the home of Athletic Director Tim Curley. And then the site reported today that this real estate listing is for Cowher’s home in North Carolina. Might Cowher be putting that home on the market because he plans to be coaching elsewhere 10 months from now?.”

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE then followed up on what the paper called “internet reports,” of course not recognizing CFT or Smith by name (hey, maybe NO ONE will EVER discover them!).

Cowher to the P-G: “I’m not going anywhere Put that to rest. I’m staying here (Raleigh).

Of course, Cowher never did explain his visit to PSU, and the P-G apparently didn’t bother to ask him.

Amazing how prominent bloggers like Smith are now influencing main media reporting- yet those stone age outlets still refuse to recognize them by name (oh they will though, eventually).

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