Cowboys Vs. Eagles Fan Dispute Turns All Shooty

A Dallas Cowboys fan who fired five rounds from a shotgun into a van containing Philadelphia Eagles fans in December was today found guilty of first- and second-degree assault, although he was acquitted of an attempted murder charge.

Meet 28-year old Damian Alexander, who had arranged to meet for a fistfight with an Eagles fan, Shane Austin Ratliff, whose girlfriend had been taunting him via text message. But when Ratliff showed up, Alexander had a shotgun. Apparently he had not been amused by his team’s 44-6 thrashing by the Eagles that day, and thought he could better express his dismay while heavily armed.

As is so often the case in Cowboys-Eagles fan relationships, gunplay ensued.

Authorities say Alexander fired between two and five rounds from a shotgun at an SUV that was driving away from his home on the evening of Dec. 28. Two people were wounded. Prosecutors say Alexander had arranged for a fist fight with a man in the vehicle but brought a gun instead.

The people in the vehicle had been exchanging taunting text messages and phone calls with Alexander about that day’s game between the Eagles and Cowboys. Philadelphia won, 44-6, knocking Dallas out of the NFL playoffs.

Police said that twenty-six shotgun pellets hit two of the van’s occupants, including 22 hitting the neck, head and back of one.

It’s unfortunate, because Cowboys fans are usually so calm and reasonable when confronted by Eagles fans. (Turn down volume if you’re at work):