Cowboys Super Bowl Ring Now For Sale On eBay

A Super Bowl ring is the pinnacle of achievement for an NFL player. It signifies a whole season of sacrifice, toil, pain and work, resulting in being at the top of the pro football world. The average sports fan can’t even imagine how much that must be worth to a player.

Larry Brown's Super Bowl ring on eBay

Except that Deadspin has word that you can tell exactly how much it was worth to former Cowboys defensive back and Super Bowl MVP Larry Brown. He’s put his Super Bowl XXVII ring up for sale on eBay. The game was 52-17 drubbing of the Buffalo Bills (weren’t they all back then?), a.k.a. the Leon Lett Game. The highest bidder so far? Someone named “BillsQB12“.

Not really, but how awesome would it be if that were true? Actually, it’s hard to tell exactly how much the ring is worth to Brown - the current bid is $10,000, and no one has reached the reserve price yet. Not that I’m expecting any actual bids to be real - my friend put the Kansas City Wizards up for sale on eBay a few years ago, and that sale had a few snags (the guy making the winning bid of over $1 million never paid, and also that my friend didn’t in fact own the Wizards).

I’m not going to speculate on why this ring is going up for sale on eBay - maybe he just needs the money for a new power boat, or he’s going to take the extra money and buy a failing bank. But it was interesting to note that he isn’t selling his ring from Super Bowl XXX - probably because he’d have to give half of the money to Neil O’Donnell for essentially handing him the MVP on a silver platter by throwing two balls right to him.

But maybe Brown just isn’t that concerned with items like rings. You can sell memorabilia, but you can’t sell the memories that being a Super Bowl hero brings. No matter what happens, he was a guest star on Married With Children, and you can’t take that away from him (even if he did let Bo Jackson act circles around him):

Note: the same eBay seller is also selling a NY Jets sideline jacket worn by Joe Namath and given by him to Frank Sinatra. With that lineage, if you can’t get lucky wearing that jacket, then there really is no hope for you.