Cowboys Unwittingly Show Off Secret Draft Board

BLEEDING GREEN NATION gleefully presents screen grabs of the Dallas Cowboys unwittingly showing their defensive back draft board.

Cowboys Draft Board Arrow

It appears that the cameras of KTXA in Dallas caught a glimpse of the Cowboys’ DB wish list during a visit to team headquarters. Such lists of franchises’ draft desires are usually kept very secret. But Eagles-backing BGN is more than happy to share the names listed by their NFC East foes.

From what BGN could tell, Dallas wants, in order:

  1. Dominique Rogers-Cromartie
  2. Leodis McKelvin
  3. Kenny Phillips
  4. Mike Jenkins
  5. Aqib Talib
  6. Tyrell Johnson
  7. Tracey Porter

It could be argued that showing off the list was an elaborate ruse by Wade Phillips & staff, just to throw off the other 31 teams. Or they just forgot to erase the boards before the camera crew came in.

So, the Cowboys’ crew is either really crafty or really stupid. We prefer the latter.