Cowboys Selling “Ours Is Bigger” Stadium T-Shirts

Attention! Now available from the Dallas Cowboys official online pro shop:

Dallas Cowboys Ours Is Bigger shirt

Now, you might think the Dallas Cowboys are referring to their genitalia, specifically their penis, because nothing makes someone better than someone else than by having a big penis (unless you’re a woman, of course). Unfortunately, you would be incorrect in assuming so.

The shirt is actually in recognition of the Cowboys’ brand new billion-dollar stadium. You know, the one with all the punts bouncing of the gigantic mid-field HD screen. However, it is easy to see how a potential purchaser could be confused, especially since the stadium image on the shirt itself indeed looks a bit phallic.

Still, I must say this marketing ploy is the biggest demonstration of bravado & machismo to come out of the NFC East yet. Bigger than the Eagles selling Michael Vick dog jerseys. Bigger than the Giants placing fake Jessica Simpsons behind the Cowboys’ bench. Bigger than the Redskins suing 72-year-old grandmothers for $66,000 over season tickets.

So wear these shirts proudly, Cowboys fans! Just be wary when you buy them online - the team has been experiencing some computer problems lately.