Cowboys Practice Bubble Collapses In T-Storm

Well, it’s official. God hates the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys’ indoor practice facility collapsed this afternoon in a thunderstorm, with winds reaching 70 mph. The bubble came apart in the middle of rookie minicamp, so the field was filled with players, coaches and media at the time.

Cowboys Dome Collapse

They’re still trying to sort out the injuries, though there are no casualties, and all players have been accounted for.

Video after the jump.

Cowboys Dome Collapse

Cowboys Dome Collapse

Thunderstorm? More like…murderstorm.

Four staff members have been taken to the hospital, including secondary coach Brett Maxie, who had a laceration on his leg. Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis was also taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

The FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM describes the scary scene:

As the team went through drills and practices, the wind was so intense that the lights from high above began to sway violently for about two minutes. Outside, a portable toilet was blown down and effectively blocked one of the exit doors.

With the winds outside howling, one end of the building began to shake and the structure began to shudder and creak before it collapsed. At that point, players, coaches, scouts and members of the media hurriedly ran over anything to get out from underneath the collapsing structure.

Those located on or near the sidelines had the best chance for a safer escape. Those in the middle of the field had a much more difficult time getting out.

About three minutes later when the storm blew over, players and coaches were trying to help other team and staff members get out from under the building.

Perhaps we should have seen this coming? After all, it was in the Bible.

Let us have a reading from the First Book of Goodell:

Thou has tempted Me by courting the antichrist; the number of the beast being 81. And it has been written that Roy Williams is not worth a first and a third rounder in My sight. But I have been merciful. But I am also just. And since you have offended Me by using your first draft pick on he who could not even play division I-A, I will smite you down with hellfire and torrents and Jessica Simpson. Yea.