Cowboys May Be Jonesin’ To Bring Back Pacman

Lord knows there are many to choose from, but my favorite Adam Pacman Jones story has to be the one from August of last year, when he was informed that his NFL suspension was over while dining at Hooters. Yes, an NFL without Pacman seems somehow sad and incomplete — a notion I happen to share with a certain Dallas Cowboys owner, as it turns out.

Jerry Jones, “reached in his private suite” by the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM during the George Strait concert on Saturday night (there’s some dogged reporting), indicated that Pacman may be coming back to the Cowboys. Can hilarity be far behind?

A giddy Jerry Jones, reached in his private suite after the George Strait concert Saturday night to open the new Cowboys Stadium, asked a reporter, “Would you beat me up too bad if I brought back Adam?”

When Pacman showed up at the NFL’s scouting combine weekend, we knew he was serious about making an NFL comeback. We just never thought it would be with the Cowboys, with whom we imagined he had burned his bridges. The Cowboys cut ties with Jones in January after learning that he was being investigated in connection with a 2007 shooting incident outside of an Atlanta nightclub (the case remains open). The fact that he suffered a neck injury in his last game for the Cowboys, a December loss to the Eagles, was also a big factor.

Jerry Jones said that the off-field stuff doesn’t concern him, however, and that Pacman would be the team’s best defensive back. So our favorite stripper-punching NFL player may be back for 2009. Pacman, according to ESPN, has been arrested six times and been involved in 13 instances requiring police intervention since he was drafted in 2005; a record that may never be broken. Your move, Roger Goodell.

By the way, whatever happened to the I’m Feelin’ Myself, So Send Me To Atlanta contest?

Update: The Cowboys are now denying any interest in bringing back Jones.

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