Drunk Cowboys LB ‘Don’t Give a F*** About Police’

The thing about bribing bartenders is that, if you do it right, you get a better deal on your booze and you don’t get arrested. Well, evidently Dallas Cowboys linebacker/defensive end Anthony Spencer missed the memo, because he was arrested early Sunday morning outside an Indianapolis bar for drunken belligerence in public after a local bar refused to let them pay to keep it open after closing time.

anthony spencer cowboys mug shot
(The Anthony Spencer contribution to Mug Shots R Us.)

Ironically, the bar was called Have a Nice Day Cafe, which is precisely what the former Purdue Boilermaker (hence why he’s back in Indiana) isn’t having today. What constitutes drunken belligerence in public, you ask? Try this choice quote, for example, as gleaned from this report by Indianapolis NEWS CHANNEL 6, via their web site THEINDYCHANNEL.com:

Off-duty Indianapolis police officers, who were working security for the bar, said Spencer told them, “I don’t give a f*** if you’re the police,” when told to leave the bar peaceably.

Hmmm, wonder why that wouldn’t go over so well with the Indianapolis police, huh?

DALLAS MORNING NEWS Cowboys beat reporter Calvin Watkins has more quote goodies in his report on the incident, which he’s tracking down from Texas.

Upon being told they would be arrested, Spencer responded, “Who cares? Go ahead,” police said.

There’s no word out of Valley Ranch about what the Cowboys will do about Spencer, but they’re not about to release him. The team used a 2007 first round pick to acquire him from Purdue, and he had a productive 59 tackles for the team in only his second season this year.

anthony spencer cowboys
(Cedric Benson couldn’t run from Spencer. Neither could run from the law.)

So, will he be able to buy his way out of trouble? It seems unlikely. Neither Spencer or his agent, Roosevelt Barnes, are returning any calls. That’s never a good sign. And the Cowboys, via a spokesman, say they are, “in the process of gathering information.”

A brief word of advice then, to young Mr. Spencer: Just take the fine, or suspension, or whatever you get and shut the hell up this time. It’s a lot easier and cheaper than fighting it they way you tried to fight off those bouncers last night.