Cowboys-Eagles Highest-Rated Cable Program Eva

• How great was Monday night’s NFL showdown between the Cowboys & Eagles? Great enough to be the most-watched cable TV program ever!

Jessica Simpson

Only gratuitous in-game shots of Jessica Simpson could have raised higher ratings - among other things.

• Let’s see if we can figure out this whole MLB postseason mess.

• Meanwhile, how can Major League Baseball keep children from using steroids? By reviving that old standby - “Just Say No!”

• It seems the Mets & Brewers are more concerned about making tee times than making the playoffs.

• A new statue dedicated to Ernie Davis features the Syracuse Heisman winner wearing Nike shoes - which didn’t exist until a decade after Ernie’s playing days.

• You, too, can volunteer to help out at the Ryder Cup - for only the low, low price of $220!

Jay Mariotti, shunner of the Sun-Times, would be sued for seeking employment with the Chicago Tribune.

Buzz Bissinger’s next literary masterpiece looks to be about the lives & loves of LeBron James.