Cowboys #9 Ladies Jersey Perfect Romo-antic Gift For All of Tonys Female Friends

• While getting a jump start on Xmas shopping, we’ve come across the perfect Romo-antic gift for Carrie, Jessica, Sophia, and Britney - Tony’s Cowboys jersey for the ladies:

Tony Romo Ladies Jersey

• Now that the NFL season is at it’s midpoint, GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES warns about fantasy leagues turning into nightmares, due to lazy last-place members.• 100% INJURY RATE plays the name game, as many Chinese children have been christened “Olympics“.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS snorts a sad farewell to racketeer Martina Hingis:

Martina Hingis behind

• GOING FIVE HOLE kicks it old school, as the Penguins & Sabres look to be going retro for their own Ice Bowl.• THE ANGRY T weighs in on their choices for the NFL All-Fat Team.

• Speaking of big issues, BIG TEN TAILGATE reviews which corpulent college coaches were livin’ large on Saturday:

Mark Mangino pointing

• VEGAS WATCH is ashamed of the New England Patriots. This is the first week Tom Brady & pals didn’t cover the spread.• THE 700 LEVEL gets an earful from Terrell Owens, who says the Philly Eagles were better off with him.

• With the college basketball season underway, STORMING THE FLOOR is loudly asking, “Where’s Dick Vitale?”

• FOOTBALL JESUS LAS VEGAS couldn’t duck all the ESPN Gameday signs at Autzen Stadium over the weekend.• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT calls the movers, as ex-Redskins player Dexter Manley offers to pay your rent.